Sanapurna offers authentic Aerial Yoga with the support of a soft, aerial fabric hammock to explore, refine and advance traditional asana.

Why fight gravity?
You will experience physical release, refined strength, energetic flow, and heightened awareness of breath and body. Aerial Yoga is an accessible practice that can help you find more length in your spine and safe alignment in your poses.

How does it work?
An aerial yoga hammock can support your weight, ease pressure, create space in your joints, decrease compression in your spine, and help you find more mobility. Hanging upside down may seem risky, but you can invert in the hammock without putting pressure on your head or spine.

How to prepare for aerial yoga
- please book your class in advance as the spaces are limited
- do not eat too much before a class
- wear a long sleeve shirt and long pants in cotton



Sanapurna ist offering you a Hot Yoga Training with a room temperature between 25-35 degrees.


What is Hot Power Fusion?

Hot Power Fusion Yoga is a true blend of balance, strength and flexibility. Hot Power Fusion combines the meditative qualities of hot yoga with the intensity of power Vinyasa yoga to help you deepen your practice. The focus is on postures that open the shoulders, hips and spine while strengthening the core and upper body.
A flow with systematic holds that combine our Power Vinyasa and Bikram style Hot Yoga. Combining these two styles creates a fun, dynamic class that brings the restorative and meditative aspects of hot yoga and the energizing and challenging parts of a Power Vinyasa flow to life.

Benefits of Yoga in a heated room
The heat allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures. Working in a heated room also elevates the heart rate, which makes the body work harder. It’s for students who want a more intense workout, those who want to develop strength, flexibility and tone along with a cardiovascular workout. But the heat also helps the body to relax, improves breathing and focuses the mind, which develops better mental concentration.

How to prepare for hot yoga
The key to enjoying hot yoga is to go in prepared. The room temperature will be between 25-35 degrees.

- make sure that already during the day you drink enough of water
- do not eat too much before a class
- bring 1 liter bottle of water with you
- 2 towels (1 for the training and 1 for the shower)
- wear light cotton clothes